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It is suggested by Amazon that all users shall change their Amazon passwords periodically. Users have personal and important information in their Amazon accounts such as their order details, address, contact information, etc. In such instances, people often forget their passwords. Amazon has kept it very simple for users to recover their Amazon passwords. browse the article further and follow the stepwise instructions to find out How to reset Amazon Password. How to Reset Amazon password using Recovery email 1. go to your browser and open the Amazon home page. 2. Click on Forgot my password so once the recovery page opens up, enter your registered email id. 3. A recovery link would be sent to your registered email id. Open the link and you will see the password recovery page. produce and enter the password that you simply want to keep for your Amazon account. 4. enter the password so click on Submit. Changes made would be saved here. 5. go back to the Amazon home page and reload to go back to the login page. Once it opens up, enter your registered email address and fill in your new Amazon password. Click on login.


Amazon How to reset Amazon Password


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